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Our visit to Waterhouseyoung

Founded by Norman Waterhouse, FRCPS, the UK’s leading cosmetic surgeon, whose reputation and knowledge of the face and skin is second to none. Norman wanted to establish a clinic which offered an alternative for clients who have skin concerns which need more than an everyday facial but don't require anything invasive. Accordingly, he selected the best team of skin experts in the business to look after you and your skin.

Needless to say we were excited to try out a tailored facial here, and were not disappointed. We love the concept, warm welcome and range of treatments and products available. With leading experts in hydra facials, dermarollers and anti-aging products, you will truly notice a difference in your skin in this one-stop clinic without needles or surgery.

We discussed concerns and goals over delicious smoothies before we were ushered into our treatment room. This is by no means a spa-like-aroma therapy room, here they rely on a more medical and result-driven approach. Everything was explained and genuine advice was given. The mission here is for you to actually experience a difference in your skin. Evident by the many compliments we kept getting during the course of thefollowing weeks.

We are confident that the team at Waterhouseyoung will deliver, and are thrilled to partner with them and to have them join our network.


Our focus is offering treatments which most effectively treat any skin concern you may have, including lines, wrinkles, loose skin, acne, thread veins, excess hair and sweating. We specialise in non-invasive, aesthetic treatments, without pain or downtime afterwards, and, really importantly too, all our treatments are tried, tested and results-driven. We want you to leave the clinic looking and feeling better and for the results to stay with you.

Our clients always comment on how friendly and knowledgeable our team is, and that we combine a reassuring professionalism with a welcoming attitude that makes the clinic feel like an oasis of calm. We have comfortable and quiet private rooms where you relax before and after your treatment. You'll also be offered complimentary antioxidant drinks, herbal teas, grapes and nuts in our lounge and other little extras like iPads to make your visit more enjoyable. Whether you're with us for one treatment or a course, you'll be able to relax and walk away confident that you've made a difference to your skin.

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