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Dr Aceel Alanizi, founder and director

Our Founder 

Dr. Aceel Alanizi holds a Masters degree in Human Molecular Medicine, and a PhD in Molecular Immunology, both from Imperial College, London. Her main area of research focused on genetic markers of Multiple Sclerosis. Following on from her scientific studies, she has worked across several private and NHS hospital projects as a Health Research Consultant. Dr. Aceel currently resides in London; Coming from a Saudi Arabian background, she also aims to bridge the gap between East and West - and is often sought out for healthcare advice and recommendations; a key element to forming Luxury Healthstyle.


Dr. Aceel Alanizi

Founder & Director

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Our Team


Our Healthstyle consultants are handpicked based on experience, knowledge and personal skills. Our cultural diversity, health awareness and friendly approach caters to a variety of clients and families, and adds a sense of comfort and support when addressing any health concerns.

Dr Aceel Alanizi at Harley Street centre of excellece

Our Network


We proudly partner and work with an exceptional group of professionals encompassing various areas of expertise; which include- but are not limited to; internal medicine, physiotherapy, plastic surgery, beauty and nutrition. All of which share an outstanding standard of care that we introduce to our clients.

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