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Luxury Healthstyle in partnership with VIVAMAYR

We are excited to have VIVAMAYR join our family. And even more so to welcome them in London at their new location in Harley street.

The clinic is warm, cozy and makes you feel that you're visiting a friend at home. We discussed some wellness and health services available onsite over a cup of revitalizing tea in the comfortable setting of their newly-refurbished kitchen. Here, you can have cooking classes, learn all about what foods to eat and what to avoid, and help shape your diet plan with experts flying in from their beautiful centre in Austria.

If you are considering a wellness retreat this summer this is the place to be. Contact us now to book your VIP stay in one of their two stunning locations: Maria Worth or Altaussee.


VIVAMAYR Medical Centre in Austria

The VIVAMAYR Principle for Health, Vitality and Wellbeing Lifelong health coaching VIVAMAYR philosophy VIVAMAYR – a brand that stands for Modern Mayr Medicine in a health resort offering the highest standards of comfort at all levels as well as a range of culinary options to meet guests’ individual dietary needs. VIVAMAYR also stands for a lifestyle that is predicated on a sensible diet, inner balance and a mindful way of living as the basis for health and wellbeing.

VIVAMAYR prides itself on being a competent, experienced support system for individuals wishing to develop and implement a consistently health-oriented lifestyle.

To assess your health status comprehensively, our centre for MODERN MAYR MEDICINE employs functional Myodiagnostic / applied Kinesiology. While conventional medical examinations detect serious diseases and „pathologies“, they do not register more subtle, but no less damaging disturbances.

To diagnose them, a method is needed that takes account, above all, of functional relationships and regulation mechanisms. functional Myodiagnostic / applied Kinesiology is the preferred tool for this type of health check.

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